Floated Share Buttons: How to enable or disable from specific pages using Targeting Rules

You may not always want your Floated Share Buttons to appear on your website's landing page or a contact page where there's no real shareable content. Adding a display rule will allow you to remove the buttons from those pages or posts without removing them from your entire site.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Shareaholic.com account.
  2. Select a Site Profile that you want to edit.
  3. On the Apps page, under the 'Social Sharing' section, click on the Configure button next to Floated Share Buttons.
  4. In the Floated Share Buttons pop up, select the Targeting Rules tab.
  5. Add a rule by clicking the Add Rule button.

Your Targeting Rule Options

Dropdown Menu 1:

  • Selecting Hide will disable Floated Share Buttons from specific pages.
  • Selecting Show will enable Floated Share Buttons on specific pages.


Dropdown Menu 2:

  • On Homepage: Only on Homepage (Have you specified your homepage URL?)
  • On URL paths exactly matching: Exact URL (ex: /my-road-trip)
  • On URL path containing: Matching URLs (ex: /blog)
  • On URL paths beginning with: Grouped URLs (ex: /2015/04)
  • On Desktop: Visitors viewing your page on a Desktop browser
  • On Mobile: Visitors viewing your page on a Mobile browser


  • Add as many display rules as needed.
  • SAVE your settings.

To delete a rule, simply click the red circle next to the rule that you would like to remove:


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