Floated Share Buttons: How to turn off/on


The following tutorial will show you how to disable/enable the Floated Share Buttons app on your site, as well as how to disable/enable the Floated Share Buttons for mobile visitors. The Floated Share Buttons are the icons that appear on the left side of your page (by default). They look like this:


If you are trying to configure our standard Share Buttons instead of the Floated Share Buttons, see this section for instructions on how to customize the standard Share Buttons. 


In order to see settings for your Floated Share Buttons, you must have a Shareaholic.com account. If you are a WordPress User and have not already connected your WordPress site to your Shareaholic account, please follow these instructions on how to do so.


1. Sign in to your Shareaholic account and select the site you're working on from the "My Sites" dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  • If you have many different sites, you may need to click on the "View All Sites" option from the menu.

2. On the "Apps" page, under 'Social Sharing,' use the toggle button next to Floated Share Buttons to turn the app on or off. 



To enable/disable Floated Share Buttons only for mobile visitors:

1. Click on the Configure button next to the Floated Share Buttons section.


2. Click on the Targeting Rules tab.


3. Click the green Add Rule button to add a new rule.

4. From the first dropdown, select "Hide," and from the second dropdown, select "On Mobile"


 4. Click the Save Changes button when you're done.

Alternatively, if you don't want to disable the buttons entirely for mobile users, but do want to adjust their appearance, check out these instructions.

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