Floated Share Buttons: How to enable or disable from specific pages using Display Rules


You may not always want your Floated Share Buttons to appear on your website's landing page or a contact page where there's no real shareable content. Adding a display rule will allow you to remove the buttons from those pages or posts without removing them from your entire site.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your Shareaholic.com account.
  • From your Site Tools page, click the settings button next to the Floated Share Buttons section.

  • Select the Display Rules tab at the top right.

  • Add a rule by clicking the Add Rule button.

Dropdown Menu 1:

  • Selecting Don't show will disable Floated Share Buttons from specific pages.
  • Selecting Show will enable Floated Share Buttons on specific pages.

Dropdown Menu 2:

  • On Homepage: Only on Homepage (Have you specified your homepage URL?)
  • On URL paths exactly matching: Exact URL (ex: /my-road-trip)
  • On URL path containing: Matching URLs (ex: /blog)
  • On URL paths beginning with: Grouped URLs (ex: /2015/04)

  • Add as many display rules as needed.
  • SAVE your settings.

To  delete a rule, simply click the red circle next to the rule that you would like to remove:

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