Installing Shareaholic on Drupal

Step 1: Install Shareaholic module

These are instructions for installing Shareaholic on Drupal versions 7+. See below for v6 instructions.

Option 1: Upload the Shareaholic module through the Drupal interface

  • Log in to your Drupal account and click on Modules in the top menu.
  • Click the Install New Module link.*
  • Here you can either paste the download URL (get it here!) or to upload the .tar .gz or .zip file from your computer.
  • Click Install and the Update manager will copy the files into your sites/all/modules folder. 
  • Once complete,  click Enable newly added modules and skip down to the Enable and configure section to edit the app settings (details below).

*You must have the Update manager module enabled to see this link. If you are new to Drupal and don't have that module, go to Modules, find Update Manager, check the box by Update Manager and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Option 2: Upload the Shareaholic module manually

  • Download the Shareaholic Drupal Module
  • Upload the Shareaholic module to your site's modules directory in sites/all/modules
  • Visit Administer > Site building > Modules and enable the module.

How to install Shareaholic module on Drupal 6.x

  1. Begin by creating your own publisher apps, then grab the templated code.
  2. Find the layout, panel or template you would like the Shareaholic App to appear in and open the file in a text editor.
  3. Paste the Shareaholic HTML code and Save the file.

Step 2: Customize Related & Promoted Content

Give it a home

Choose where you want the app to appear on your site by checking the page and post location boxes. 


Remember, the app allows you to display both content from your site and third party posts, 
so you can earn revenue while also driving traffic to your own content.

Customize the look & feel

Click the Customize button to change the theme, headline and number of posts displayed in the app. 


Edit Promoted Content settings

Promoted Content is a feature that that will help you earn revenue from your website by incorporating advertiser content in the Related Content app. Learn all about Promoted Content by Shareaholic.

Decide how much you want to earn

You can change how many revenue generating posts and related posts from your site appear in the app by clicking Edit Related & Promoted Content Settings button.

Promoted-content-slider-drupalIn order to collect the money you earn, you'll need a free Shareaholic account. Just click on the green Configure additional features button and create your account.


Step 3: Customize Share Buttons

Give them a home

Choose where you want share buttons to appear on your site by checking the page and post location boxes. 

Customize the look & feel

Click the Customize button to change the button theme, headline, positioning and choose your sharing services. 

Add more features

Recommended modules & tips

Sitemap module

A sitemap like this one will help Shareaholic discover and index your content faster for Related Content. Try this one.

Facebook Open Graph tag module

An open graph module like this one for Drupal 7.x and this one for Drupal 6.x will help you customize how your content looks when it is shared on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and when they show up in Shareaholic's Content Recommendations and Analytics.

Installing Modules on Drupal

Instructions for installing a module on Drupal 7

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