Installing and Setting Up Shareaholic on Your Site


If your site is hosted on the WordPress or Drupal 7.x platform, we have plugins for you! Please go ahead and install the plugin first and proceed from there:


For all other platforms, the setup process is still very easy to get Shareaholic on your website in just a few minutes by following a few short steps: 

1. Sign up for a Shareaholic account here.

2. Click Add Website from the sites dashboard.


3. Enter your domain URL


4. Shareaholic should detect your CMS automatically. If it doesn't, go ahead and select it from the list. Then click continue.



5. This next page will give your setup code, which needs to be installed on your site for Shareaholic to work. It will also include a link to the installation instructions for how to install this set up code on your CMS. Go ahead and follow those instructions.

The setup code looks something like this, though your Site ID will be unique to your site.


TIP Make sure you use a simple text editor (such as Notepad or TextEdit) that will not modify the HTML code when the file is edited and saved.


6. Once you've added the setup code, go ahead and verify your site. Click on the blue "Verify" button.


If everything is set up correctly, you should see a green banner at the top of the page informing you that your site has been successfully verified!

TIP If you're having trouble verifying, check out our verification troubleshooting tips, or send us a message! 

TIP If you're having trouble finding the Verify button, it can be located through Sitewide Settings > Installation, or by going directly to SITE ID HERE)/settings/installation. 

7. Configure Apps you'd like enabled on your site:


You can get here by either going through 'Start App Setup', or selecting your site from the 'My Sites' dropdown

Additional instructions on how to add and configure In-page Shareaholic Apps are available here. Shareaholic In-page Apps, like our Share Buttons and Related & Promoted Content, are special apps that let you place them exactly where you want in your website layout at the location where the app should be displayed.

TIP To give you a taste of our website monetization tools, Shareaholic enables a few of our advertising apps by default. They can be disabled at any time from the Site Tools Dashboard. To learn more about these apps, check out our documentation.



Shareaholic Apps should now load successfully on your website!


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