Installing Shareaholic on Squarespace


The following tutorial will help you install Shareaholic on Squarespace:

If you have not already signed up for Shareaholic, check out the Getting Started with Shareaholic Guide before following the instructions below. 

Installing Shareaholic on Squarespace

1. Sign in to your Squarespace account and visit your Dashboard.

2. Select Settings from the left menu, then click Advanced > Code Injection.


3. Paste your Shareaholic Setup Code into the text area beneath the Header section.

As a reference, your site's Shareaholic Setup code can be found in the "Installation" tab of your site's Settings on, and it looks something like the following:


4. Press Save to save the changes made to your Squarespace site.

5. Congrats! Shareaholic should now load successfully on your site!



Installing an In-Page App

Shareaholic In-Page Apps are special apps that let you place them exactly where you want in your website layout or template at the location where the app should appear on your page. Our Share Buttons and Related Content apps are both In-Page apps.

If you have not already created an In-Page Shareaholic App, check out the Installing an In-Page Shareaholic App Guide before following the instructions below.

Adding Apps to a Page

1. Add a Code Block where you want the app to appear on your page. 

2. Clear any default text that appears in the input section of the new code block.

3. Paste in your App HTML Code Snippet into the input section of the code block, as seen below:


4. Click Apply in the lower-right of the panel. You should now see your Shareaholic app loading in the Preview pane.

5. Click the Save & Publish button to apply these changes to your site.

Adding an App to Blog Posts

1. In the left menu of your Squarespace dashboard, click on Pages, then click on the Settings cog that appears when you hover over your Blog name.


2. Select the Advanced tab at the top of the pop up.

3. Paste in the App HTML Code Snippet into the Post Blog Item Code Injection text area, adding the parameters data-title="{title}" and data-link="{permalink}" as seen below:


4. Click Save in the lower-right of the window.

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