Installing Shareaholic on Squarespace


The following tutorial will help you install Shareaholic on Squarespace:

If you have not already signed up for Shareaholic, check out the Getting Started with Shareaholic Guide before following the instructions below. 


Insert the Setup Code

  • Sign in to Squarespace and visit your Dashboard.
  • Select Settings from the left menu.
  • Click AdvancedCode Injection.

  • Paste your Setup Code into the text area beneath Header.


  • Press the Save button.

Verify your site

  • Return to Shareaholic and select your sites from the My Sites dropdown
  • Click on the Settings link on the left side of the page, then click on the Installation tab to find the Verify button.


  • In a few moments, the screen will refresh with a green banner saying “Verified Successfully.” If it does not, click here for help

Add Shareaholic to a page

  • Add a Code Block where you want the buttons to appear on your page.
  • Select HTML from the dropdown menu in the Edit Code panel.
  • Clear any default text that appears in the input section of this panel.
  • Paste your Share Button and/or Related Content HTML code in the Post Blog Item Content box.
  • Click the Save button in the lower-right of the panel.
  • Press the Save & Publish button to apply this change on your blog.

Add Shareaholic to a post

  • In the left menu of your Squarespace account, click on settings cog next to your blog name.
  • Select Advanced at the top of the pop-up
  • Paste the Share Button and/or Related Content HTML code in the text area.

  • Press the Save button in the lower-right of the panel.

NOTE: This guide walks you through installing Shareaholic on SQUARESPACE 6. For information on how to add custom code to your SQUARESPACE 5 site, see the Further Reading section below.

Further Reading

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