Installing Shareaholic on Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC)


The following tutorial will help you install Shareaholic on Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC)'s Career Website.

If you have not already signed up for Shareaholic, check out the Getting Started with Shareaholic Guide before following the instructions below.

Install Shareaholic Setup Code (Shareaholic.js)

  1. Log into your ORC account.
  2. In your ORC Career Site settings, go to the Custom JavaScript box and paste your site's Shareaholic ORC-specific setup code. Your site's Shareaholic setup code can be found under Site Profile Site Settings → Installation tab on

    The code will look something like this: all-js-shareaholic-code-2.jpg

    To get your ORC-specific Shareaholic setup code, in your Shareaholic Site Profile settings under Site Profile Site Settings → Website make sure "Oracle Recruiting" is selected as the Platform / CMS.

  3. Publish the Career Site changes.
  4. Congratulations - Shareaholic code is now installed on your ORC Career website!  If you haven't already, you should configure the Shareaholic experiences you want enabled from your Shareaholic Site Profile dashboard.

JavaScript to insert HTML code snippet for Shareaholic In-Page apps:

Suppose you need to insert an In-Page app into a pre-existing section and do not have access to edit the template itself but can add JavaScript code. In that case, you can use JavaScript to insert the HTML code snippet needed dynamically to render the Shareaholic experience.

For example, to add the following dynamically:

<div class="shareaholic-canvas" data-app="share_buttons" data-app-id="1234567890"></div>

Add the following JavaScript in the Custom JavaScript box in your ORC Career Site settings:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
  var shr_buttons = document.createElement('div');
  shr_buttons.className = "shareaholic-canvas";
  shr_buttons.setAttribute("data-app", "share_buttons");
  shr_buttons.setAttribute("data-app-id", "1234567890");
  // The following looks for the DOM element with class "share-widget" and clears its contents
  // and then appends the HTML code snippet.
  document.getElementsByClassName('share-widget')[0].innerHTML = "";  // Clear 
  document.getElementsByClassName('share-widget')[0].appendChild(shr_buttons);  // Append
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