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Can I use Shareaholic without ads?

Yes, you can! We enable some monetization apps by default to give you a sense of what we offer, but these can be disabled at any time with no problem!

You can find a list of the Website Monetization features, as well as how to enable/disable them here.


How do I enable/disable the Floated Share Buttons?

The settings for the Floated Share Buttons can be found in the Apps page for your site on, under the "Social Sharing" section.
For detailed instructions, click here.


Where do I see my earnings?

You can see earnings for a particular site of yours through your dashboard, under the 'Earnings' tab on the left. Read more.


I've already installed the plugin on WordPress/Drupal. Now what??

If you've already installed the Shareaholic Plugin on your WordPress/Drupal site, Shareaholic will recognize that your site has the plugin installed - you just need to link it to your Shareaholic account, which you can do by following these instructions here.


I'm having trouble verifying!

Double-check to make sure you are trying to verify the right Site ID, and that you're logged in to the right account! Check out our full list of Verification Troubleshooting Tips here.


What features does Shareaholic enable by default?

Shareaholic enables some monetization features by default, like the Anchor Overlay Ads and Promoted Content. You can change these at any time through your dashboard. Click here for a full list of our advertising apps, as well as how to configure them.


Installation & Verification

How do I verify my site?

You can verify your site through the 'Installation' panel of your site's Settings, as seen here:


Where can I find my Site ID?

On WordPress, the Site ID can be found under the 'Advanced Settings' tab of the Shareaholic plugin. On your Shareaholic account, it can be found under your site's 'Settings' page. Read more.


How do I verify my WordPress/Drupal site?

If you've already installed the Shareaholic plugin, you don't need to 're-add' your site through Shareaholic - you can just link your site to your Shareaholic account directly. Click here to see how to do this.


Why is it important to verify my site?

Verifying your website lets us know that you are the owner of the website, and gives you access to your websites' Social Analytics, Earnings Dashboard, and other features. Read More.


I tried to verify, but I got a message that the Setup code is found multiple times?

Make sure that your Setup Code has the correct Site ID, and it only appears once in your homepage's source code, just before the closing 'head' tag. If you're using WordPress or Drupal, make sure you didn't manually add the Set Up code as well as installing the plugin.


I'm getting a message that Shareaholic can't find the Setup Code on my page when I try to verify.

Make sure you inserted the Setup Code before the closing " < / head>" tag in your page's template. If it's somewhere else on the page, our automated verification script won't be able to find it.


Share Buttons

How do I enable/disable the Floated Share Buttons?

The settings for the Floated Share Buttons can be found in the Apps page for your site on, under the "Social Sharing" section.
For detailed instructions, click here.


Where are my Twitter Share Counts?

Twitter announced that they have removed their share counts API effective on November 20th, 2015. Meaning, ALL share buttons on the market that rely on the Twitter share count endpoint will no longer provide share counts. This includes Twitter’s own official tweet button.

Twitter’s decision was driven to help scale and maintain the longevity of their platform. Although we are disappointed to see Twitter discontinue share counts, we understand their near-term decision and urge them to bring share counts back in the near future.

As always, we continue to be on the lookout for the best possible solutions for you. And we will continue to update you as we explore alternative options for surfacing Twitter Share Counts.


What happens to my Share Counts if I switch to Shareaholic?

When you activate Shareaholic share counts on your site, we contact the social outlets and fetch the most up-to-date counts, usually accurate to within minutes or seconds, for each page of your site.

That means you and your users may enjoy the share count feature immediately, without having to wait for any catching up.


Do I have to register with Social Networks to use Shareaholic on my site?

Nope! You don't need to sign up for any services you wish to offer as sharing options. Your readers will sign in as needed to the share service behind the buttons they use when sharing your content with their personal networks.


I can't see my Share Buttons!

Once you have installed the Share Buttons to your site, they should appear instantly. If you are still unable to see them, you may want to clear your browser's cache. Here's a helpful guide on how to clear the cache for any type of browser. Once the cache is cleared, make sure to refresh your page to see results.

If clearing your browser's cache does not work, try checking if you have AdBlock enabled on your browser. AdBlock is a browser extension that removes social sharing widgets/buttons and advertisements from view when visiting websites.

If you are still unable to see your Share Buttons after following these steps, please contact us, and we'll look into right away!


Related Content

How does Shareaholic decide what to recommend?

A healthy mix of data inputs & data science drives Recommendations -- we tap into sharing, aggregate viewing habits, influence, intent, social profiles, topics of interest (based on proprietary NLP, semantic, etc analysis of content), page markup, etc to deliver the best recommended content that has proven to increase pageviews and engagement for websites at scale.

We don't just pay attention to what readers click on; we aim to ensure they love every page they find. What this means for you is more engaged readers that stick around longer and discover more of your great content.


Why are there ads showing in Related Content?

You can now make money by including high-quality, relevant sponsored content in the Shareaholic Related Content app. This feature will seamlessly integrate relevant sponsored content from third party advertisers into the Related Content app you already have installed, allowing you to earn revenue from the traffic you drive to those posts.

To customize the level of Promoted Content shown in the Related Content app, or to disable it completely, click here for detailed instructions.


Why is my Related Content not showing up?

It can take up to 24 hours for the Related Content app to start showing posts from your site. You can also check to see what Shaeraholic has detected to be included in the Content Library section of your Site Tools on Please click here to see a list of troubleshooting tips.


What is an attribution link?

You may have noticed a checkbox in your Related Content settings that reads "Show Attribution Link." Selecting this check box means that a small Shareaholic logo will display at the top right corner of your Related Content app. Clicking on the icon will take them to this page containing details about the Shareaholic Related Content app.
Read more.


Website Monetization

Can the Banner ads be more contextual to content on my site?

The ads tend to be broad national and retargeting campaigns, rather than targeted local or topical campaigns. We have found that retargeting broad campaigns pay better. That said, visitors from countries outside the US and Europe will often see targeted local ads.


Can I choose which Banner Ads will run on my site?

Picking certain advertisers is not currently an option. Rest assured we do our best to maintain the highest standards for Shareaholic creatives. We do have the ability to block specific ads network-wide, so if you by any chance see non-brand safe ads (featuring sex, drugs, or violence), please do let us know.


Where can I see my earnings?

Visit your site's Earnings page from your site dashboard to view your earnings at any time! Earnings are associated with an individual domain, not with a user account, so each site on your account will have its own earnings information.


Will I earn revenue from the ads displayed in the Post Share Window?

Yep! Monetize every share. Earn revenue by enabling targeted banner ads in the post share prompt. You'll open up a new revenue stream at no cost or contract. Shareaholic’s goal is to provide several revenue generating options in our suite of apps that are simple to use and easy to install.

You'll automatically leverage Shareaholic’s advertiser relationships with trusted global partners and experienced Ad Operations team, which is how we can deliver a high paying and time efficient option for site monetization directly to you.


I don't like the ads displayed.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for you and your visitors with our suite of apps. Therefore, we welcome all feedback about the ads displayed in your Post-Share window. Contact Us! We’re all ears!


Account Basics

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click here to send a password reset request to your email account.

To update or change your password, you can do so from within your Account settings, or click here and follow the onscreen instructions.


Where do I see how much my site has earned?

Visit your site's Earnings page from your site dashboard to view your earnings at any time! Earnings are associated with an individual domain, not with a user account, so each site on your account will have its own earnings information.


How do I delete a site from my account?

You can find the option to delete a site in your site's Settings on For detailed instructions, click here.


How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account through in your Profile Settings, under "Accounts". For detailed instructions, click here

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