Share Buttons - Share Custom Branded Stickers for Every Page with Snapchat Share Buttons

With Snapchat's Creative Kit for Web and Shareaholic's social sharing toolkit, publishers and brands can add Snapchat share buttons to their website so Snapchatters can share content from a mobile or desktop website into Snapchat.

Each shared Snap can even have a custom-branded Sticker in addition to a link to drive traffic back to the original content on the website, giving you free distribution inside Snapchat, and the ability to drive traffic back to your website.

You can setup Snapchat Share Buttons on your website in 4-quick steps:

  1. Install Shareaholic on your website (instructions)
  2. Enable a Share Buttons App
  3. Enable Snapchat button within Share Buttons App

Share Custom Branded Stickers for Every Page (optional)

Each page of your site can have its own custom sticker by adding the snapchat:sticker meta tag to the <head/> of your pages. Make sure that you specify the full URL. There is a 1-hour cache on sticker changes, so after you change a sticker you may want to wait and try again later, or test the same URL with a unique query parameter.

<meta property="snapchat:sticker"
      content="" />

Sticker assets should be:

  • 400x400px
  • Transparent background
  • Less than 1MB
  • For static stickers use PNG
  • For animated stickers use WebP (GIF is not supported)
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