Share Buttons - Customize Email Template

With Shareaholic Share Button templates you can customize the default message when sharing links via email. An email template applies your custom message to all email services, including Gmail,, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.

${title}, ${link}, ${short_link}, ${description}, ${notes} and ${source} placeholder variables are available for the email template. These will be dynamically substituted with the actual values. All template variables are optional. You can also use ${meta:____} placeholder variables to substitute from your page's meta tags, for example ${meta:og:title}.

There are two ways to set the email template:

  1. Codeless method - in the Admin UI, head over to Site Profile -> Settings -> Sharing -> Sharing Settings
  2. Code method - 
    <div class="shareaholic-canvas"
                  "body":"A little hint that this caught my eye! ${link}",
    To apply globally:
      config: {
         apps: {
          share_buttons: {
            templates: {
              email: {
                body:"A little hint that this caught my eye! ${link}",

If both code and codeless methods are set, code method will take priority.

Tip: You can place \n to designate a new line in your template's email body. Note that Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail do not accept newline characters, so a single newline is replaced with a space when sharing to those services.

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