WordPress Plugin - Upgrading from SexyBookmarks to Shareaholic WordPress Plugin

This article will walk you through seamlessly updating your SexyBookmarks WordPress plugin to the latest Shareaholic WordPress plugin without losing any of your settings! This is a quick and easy process that'll take less than 5 minutes of your time, and you can rest assured that all of your customizations and site settings will be carried over.

Note: All sites on the SexyBookmarks plugin must upgrade to the official Shareaholic WordPress plugin ASAP, as the SexyBookmarks plugin is no longer supported. The Shareaholic plugin is just so much better. Fortunately, this upgrade process is simple and painless. Just follow the below instructions and you'll be all set!

If you're not sure if you're using the Shareaholic or SexyBookmarks plugin on your WordPress site, check your list of installed Plugins in WordPress. If you're using SexyBookmarks, you'll see it appear in this list.

Upgrading from the SexyBookmarks plugin to the Shareaholic plugin

  1. First, check whether you have the SexyBookmarks plugin installed. From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins → Installed Plugin in the sidebar to see a list of all plugins you have installed:

    If you have the latest version of SexyBookmarks installed, you will see "SexyBookmarks [archived]" listed in your plugins list here (while it will show up on the sidebar as "Shareaholic"). If you do not have the latest version of SexyBookmarks installed, please upgrade to the latest version ie. v8.6.x first.


    Do not uninstall Sexybookmarks plugin yet! You need to install the Shareaholic plugin first.

  2. Next, install the Shareaholic WordPress plugin. Under 'Plugins', click on Add New:
  3. On the 'Add Plugins' page, search for 'Shareaholic' to find the Shareaholic plugin. It should be be the first one to come up in the list of search results. Click Install Now :
  4. After the plugin has finished installing, the 'Install Now' button will change to one that says Activate. Click "Activate" to activate the Shareaholic plugin:

    Activating Shareaholic will automatically deactivate your SexyBookmarks plugin, but all of your App settings are retained! This includes any customizations you've made to any of your settings. Your Shareaholic Site ID will also remain the same.

  5. Now, go ahead and delete the SexyBookmarks plugin from your plugin list as it is no longer needed:
  6. You're all set! You have successfully transitioned over to the Shareaholic WordPress plugin, without losing any of our SexyBookmarks settings.

    Be sure to clear both your browser and plugin caches after configuring your settings and installing the new plugin to avoid any visibility issues. 

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