Tracking Macros/Tokens

If you’re running Shareaholic Ads, you’re already receiving valuable information like the number of times your ads have served and the number of clicks on your ads from within Shareaholic Ad Manager.

But what if you want to track things like which domain or geo your ads are being viewed and clicks coming from. You can access this type of information by using macros in your landing page URL. When an ad is clicked, Shareaholic replaces the macro with a value that is based on the details of the ad and user when it was clicked. This information is added to your final URL to create your landing page URL.

To use macros, you would just need to include any of the following to your landing page URL:

Time and Date Macros

{{datetime.dayofweek}}   The current day of the week as a numeric index (starting with Sunday, range is 1-7)
{{datetime.hour}}   The current hour, 24-hour format (1-24)
{{datetime.minute}}   Minutes (0-59)
{{datetime.timestamp}}   Number of seconds since the Unix Epoch

Location Macros

Geographical information derived from the user's IP address. If no geographical information could be found, all the following macros will be undefined.

{{location.dmaCode}}   The numeric Nielsen designated market area code
{{location.countryCode}}   The two-character country code
{{location.countryName}}   The full name of the country
{{location.region}}   The two-character code for the state, region, or province

Misc. Macros

{{}}    Domain of the site where the ad was served
{{}}    The ID of the ad's creative
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