Why am I not getting traffic?

The most important issues that tend to cause this are:

  1. Low CPC

    Due to marketplace competition you may be getting outbid on your PPC price. We suggest increasing your bid price.

  2. Not Enough Content

    We recommend adding at least 5-7 URLs in each campaign to see what engages your audience best. You can (and should) also test multiple titles and images.

    Our algorithms will promote your content based on engagement. If there is one item or a few items that happen to have a higher overall CTR, they will most likely get the majority of the clicks for that campaign. This allows your campaigns to scale at the most cost efficient CPC, letting your users indicate to you what is most interesting.

  3. Poor Titles

    Writing an intriguing title should be a priority rather than an afterthought. Readers typically seek benefits: ask a question, solve a problem, empower the user.

    Make an impression quickly: Front load your title by leading with the main point first. (ex. "50 Percent of Visitors Ignore Your Content New Research Finds" rather than "New Research Finds 50 Percent of Visitors Ignore Your Content")

    Title Case:
    Titles should be capitalized, just as you would an article headline. (ex. "50 Percent of Visitors" rather than "50 percent of visitors")

    Lists are clickable:
    Lists are always very clickable, so if your content has one, don't forget to mention it! (ex. "11 Ways to Not Mess Up your First Date" rather than "A Useful Guide to Your First Date")

    Be a little mysterious: Create titles with a bit of mystery to make your visitors want to click (ex. "Learn the Secret of What Makes Visitors Click on Your Content" rather than "Using Larger Images will Make Visitors Click on your Content.")

    Length counts:
    Titles between 35 and 45 characters tend to do better, and 60 characters should be the maximum.

    Seasonal relevancy: Take advantage of seasonality, holidays and significant events if possible.

    Language: If you're targeting your audiences across multiple countries, do keep target language in mind - consider separate campaigns for each.

    Note: Please make sure to read our full content guidelines. All content submitted is reviewed by Shareaholic's editorial team.

  4. Poor Thumbnails

    Avoid image clutter. Use eye catching, beautiful, bright images.

    Contents: Images of people tend to work really well. Avoid clipart, brand logos, and default images.

  5. Targeting Too Narrow

    If you are targeting specific category interests this can be limiting your impression pool. Try targeting additional target interests or "All Interests" to widen your exposure.


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