Installing Follow Buttons on WordPress


You will need to access your account to create a unique code like this one to insert in your site's template -

  1. Login to your Shareaholic account.
  2. Select a Site Profile from the My Sites dropdown at the top of the page.
  3. Towards the bottom of the Apps page, under Follow Buttons, click New In-page App.


    This will bring up a pop-up window, where you can configure the appearance and settings of your Follow Buttons. You will be able to see a live preview of the Follow Buttons on the right-hand side of the window.
  4. In the Layout tab, enter the name of the location where the follow buttons will appear (e.g. Right Sidebar). Optional: Entering a Headline Text will add customized text above the Follow Buttons (e.g. Follow me!).


  5. Use the settings in the Design section to customize the theme, size, position, layout, alignment, and color of the buttons to best fit your website's theme.


  6. In the Accounts section, enter the username for each service you want as a button, and use the toggle buttons to the left of the icons to enable/disable those services.


  7. Click Save.
  8. Go to the Code tab of the pop up window to access the PHP code for your Follow Buttons.


    This is the full PHP code. If you're inserting this into a widget, you'll only need the shortcode part, as described below.

  9. Copy the code [shareaholic app="follow_buttons" id="xxxxxxxx"] without the <?php echo do_shortcode (' in the beginning and the '); ?> at the end so it only displays: 
    [shareaholic app="follow_buttons" id="xxxxxxxx"]
  10. Paste this code into a widget or directly into your site's template.
  11. Save changes.