Upgrading or Changing a Subscription Plan

All Site Profiles are automatically subscribed to the "Free" plan, which includes our most popular starter features, like Share Buttons, Related Content, and Analytics.

There are premium plans available that you can upgrade to. These plans are available both as monthly and annual subscriptions.

Note: If you're already on a paid plan and are looking to upgrade your plan, we automatically prorate the upgraded plan price based on your current subscription cycle.

To Upgrade or Change Your Plan:

  1. Go to the Site Profile that you want to upgrade. Click on Plans in the sidebar -> Change Plan
  2. You will be taken to a menu of plans available to you. The Site Profile's current plan will be highlighted. Select a Plan that you would like to upgrade or change to:
  3. Select your billing cycle and enter your payment method and once you are satisfied click Confirm Plan Update. If there will be a charge today, it will be listed under Due Now.
  4. You're done!

  5. Setup or explore all your unlocked functionality!
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