Upgrading or Changing Your Subscription Plan


Currently, all Shareaholic users are automatically subscribed to our free "Starter" plan, which includes access to our most popular basic features, like Share Buttons, Promoted Content, and Analytics. In early May 2017, we launched two new Shareaholic Pro Plans: Personal and Business. These plans are both available as a monthly subscription, with the option to purchase an annual subscription upon signing up.

Note: If you are already a Pro subscriber and are looking to upgrade your account, we will automatically pro-rate the upgraded Pro plan price based on your current subscription cycle.

To Upgrade Your Plan:

  1. Login to Shareaholic and go to your User Settings page.


  2. Select Billing from the list of links on the left.


  3. If you are upgrading from the free Starter plan, you'll need to enter your Payment Method information. Click on the Payment Method tab on the Billing page, and then click the blue "Add a Credit Card" button to enter your payment information.


    Note: Shareaholic accepts most major credit cards.

  4. Click on the Plan tab to select your desired plan. To learn more about our plans, check out our article on Finding the Right Plan for You.
  5. After subscribing to a Plan, you'll need to select which site(s) you'd like to apply that Pro plan subscription to. Personal Plan subscribers get 1 Pro domain; Business Plan subscribers can have up to 5 Pro Domains. In the Plan tab, click the green Assign Site to Plan button and select the site you'd like to assign to your Pro subscription:


  6. Once you've selected a site, you should see a green banner appear at the top of the page informing you that your site has been successfully associated with a plan. You'll now see a red PRO badge appearing next to your site on Shareaholic.com

To enable the Share Count Recovery features after subscribing to Pro, please follow the instructions here.