How To Get an App ID and Secret Key From Facebook



Connecting a Facebook App to your Site Profile results in better, more accurate Share Counts for Facebook. Without this, you may find that your Facebook Share Counts are lower than you'd expect.

How To Get An App ID and Secret Key From Facebook

In order to get a Facebook App ID and Secret Key, you’ll need to register a new Facebook App. Don’t worry – it is very easy, free, and your application does not need to do anything. We only need the keys. If you already have an existing Facebook App, you can simply use its App ID and Secret Key. Either way, it's easy to setup.

  1. To start, navigate your browser to the Facebook Developers page. You'll need to login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click the "Add a New App" link in the top right "My Apps" menu.

    Facebook App - My Apps

  3. Once you've clicked on "Add a New App", a modal box will appear asking you to enter a name for your app and your email address. Pick a simple name, like your website's domain or name.

    Facebook App - Add New App

  4. After you've filled in the details to create a New App ID, you'll be taken to the new App's Dashboard. You'll find the App ID and Secret Key under Settings -> Basic.


Important note: Facebook has certain API rate limits. Using your own Facebook App can lead to reaching these limits if your website sees high traffic. This is highly unlikely but is possible. If you do reach your limit, you will get an email from Facebook saying so. You can safely ignore this email. The API limit resets every hour.

Set Facebook App Details for the Shareaholic Share Count Proxy

  1. Once you have your Facebook App ID and Secret, head over to the Integration section of your Site Profile settings:


  2. Under Facebook App, click on Connect, enter your Facebook App ID and Secret and click Save Changes:


  3. If your Facebook App ID and Secret are valid, the status of the integration will update to "Live":


  4. You're done!

Setup Facebook App Details in the WordPress Plugin

Note that if you've enabled the Shareaholic Share Count Proxy, there is no need to setup Facebook App Details in the WordPress plugin.

  1. Once you have your Facebook App ID and Secret, head over to the Shareaholic section of your WordPress Admin console (WP Admin -> Shareaholic -> Advanced Settings):


  2. Enable "Local Share Count Proxy" and enter the Facebook App ID and Secret:

    Facebook App - App ID and Secret

  3. Save Changes and you're done!
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