Connecting your Twitter & Facebook accounts to Shareaholic


Now that you have a Shareaholic account, if you are using Share Buttons on your site and intend to share your content with your social media networks, it will save time and possibly alleviate confusion to sync these accounts with Shareaholic through OAuth ahead of time.

If you are still on the Site Tools page, select Connected Services from the menu on the right.

Use the Login with Facebook and/or Login with Twitter buttons to authorize your Shareaholic user account to communicate with these services on your behalf when sharing through the Twitter button in our multi-share interface.

Once your Facebook/Twitter accounts are synced to your Shareaholic account, you can also login to your Shareaholic account at any time by using the Login with Facebook and/or Login with Twitter buttons on the sign in page. This allows you to bypass typing in your username/email address and password to login.

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