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When creating a Shareaholic account, there are two methods from which to choose. If you do not associate an email address with your Shareaholic user account, you may find certain features are unavailable. Both sign up options are completely free, but creating a full account using the steps outlined in method two is recommended.

Note: If you have ever tweeted through our share buttons, you likely already have a basic account setup in our system. Visit the Apps screen under your Twitter settings to first check if you've authorized our app in the past. If Shareaholic is listed, use the Login with Twitter button on our sign in page to access your account.


How to sign up via a social media connection

  1. Visit our homepage.

  2. Click SIGN IN in the top-right to access the login form.

  3. Press the Login with Twitter or Login with Facebook button.

  4. Authorize our app to connect with your social media account.

  5. This will create an authorization token and generate a profile for you on Shareaholic.

  6. You can edit your profile and update your privacy settings here.

  7. Add an email address to your account at any time to upgrade to a full user account.

How to sign up for a full-featured user account

  1. Visit our homepage.

  2. Press the SIGN UP FOR FREE button in the top-right of your screen.

  3. Enter your email address and your chosen password into the sign up form.

  4. Check your inbox for the account activation email.

  5. Click the confirmation link in this email to verify your email address.

  6. You can edit your profile and update your privacy settings here.

  7. You can also customize your email notification settings here.

  8. Configure your connected services to make signing in to your account much easier, and if you ever happen to lose access to the email address on file and forget your password to login, being able to sign in through the social media connection buttons makes it less likely that you'll ever have to worry about being locked out of your Shareaholic account. This is a great backup measure.

    Note: Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Shareaholic user account also makes it quicker to share through our custom multi-share panel as you will have already generated the authorization token to allow Shareaholic to communicate with these services on your behalf.
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