Eligibility to Use Shareaholic Monetization Apps

Owning the site you want to monetize

To use Shareaholic monetization apps on your site, you must have access to edit the HTML source code of the web pages where you'd like the ads to be displayed. If you submit a site that you don't own, you won't be able to place the Shareaholic code on the site.

Is Shareaholic monetization apps designed to compete with or replace existing ad solutions?

This is a completely non-exclusive partnership - meaning that you will be able to partake in multiple campaigns - not just one!  It is meant to be complementary and additive to other advertising on your site. If you want to exclusively use Shareaholic Monetization Apps on your site, that works too. Shareaholic helps you make the most money possible from every pageview on your site.

Using other ad solutions together with Shareaholic (such as Google AdSense)

If your site already displays Google ads on your pages, you can still join Shareaholic and run ads on your site through our programs. This is quite common.

I'm not located in the USA or Canada, can I still participate?

Absolutely! We welcome site owners from all countries and all languages.

Is there a traffic minimum?

There is no minimum. We welcome sites of all sizes.

Are you at least 18 years old?

We can only accept applications from applicants who are over 18. If you are not yet 18, you may have a parent or guardian submit an application using their own Shareaholic Account. If they are approved, all payments will be made to the adult responsible for the site.

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