Your Options to Monetize Your Website & Earn Revenue with Ads

Shareaholic helps you make the most money possible from every pageview on your site. We streamline everything. No more hassle. Just more cash.

There are several advertising and monetization options available, and your audience niche, traffic volume, and visitor behavior will determine which options are the best for your particular website. Try different revenue-generating apps, see which ones make you money, and easily turn off any that don’t.

1. Promoted Content Ads (Native Ads)

At the end of each webpage (or customized placement of your choosing) the Related / Promoted Content App is displayed and it suggests additional posts that our algorithm feels that your reader would also be interested in, as they relate to the content they just finished reading or their general interests. Each time your readers click through to sponsored articles, you are compensated.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the content being displayed to your website visitors, as we have a very strict content policy and only syndicate content from high quality websites. This is a great way to earn additional revenue, especially if that visitor was going to leave your website after reading the content of the page anyways.

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2. Outstream Video Ads (Native Video)

Advertisers love video because it is a great way to tell their story in front of an engaged audience. Up until fairly recently, if you wanted to monetize through high paying video ads, you had to do so before or during an actual video. That meant publishers without video content could not sell space for video ads, and advertisers were restricted to just running campaigns within video players on sites like YouTube. But now, with the new Outstream Video Ad format, publishers can now monetize video ads between paragraphs of text, like blog posts or editorial content for example. This is a game changer.

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3. Banner Ads

Seamlessly compatible across devices and beyond easy to enable, Banner Ads powered by Shareaholic saves you install time and hassle, and causes no interruption to your site’s theme or function. Shareaholic offers several banner ad format options including standard, Post-Share and Anchor Overlay to best match your site design and layout. On top of this, you automatically get to leverage Shareaholic’s advertiser relationships with trusted global partners and experienced Ad Operations team, which is how we can deliver a high paying and time efficient option for site monetization directly to you.

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4. In-Image Ads

With the rise of Pinterest and YouTube, the web has become increasingly visual.  Beautiful images clearly resonate with consumers and captivate their attention. Using image recognition technology, Shareaholic delivers targeted ads as contextual overlays on top of related editorial pictures. The result is a relevant and pleasant user experience for your audience. For example, Adobe may choose to deliver an ad for Photoshop image editor over an image of an Apple Macbook Pro or Purina may choose to deliver an ad for pet food over photos of dogs or cats.

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5. Affiliatized Links

This App is an additional way for site owners to monetize links to e-commerce sites like Zappos and eBay. Affiliate Links are native to your visitor's experience and compensates you (the site owner) anytime your reader makes a purchase after clicking on a link from your site. The intention here is to help you monetize outbound links which probably would not have been monetized otherwise ie. it's “found money” or extra income.

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