Receiving payments from Shareaholic

How much should my site expect to earn?

It depends. A number of variables such as your site’s traffic volume, demographics, and the type of content you create, etc determine how much your site can make.

What revenue share percentage will my site earn?

There is no standard revenue share percentage as these percentages vary depending on costs, content and performance. Our goal is to maximize your site's earning potential.

Payment Timing

The following conditions must be met before a payment can be requested and issued:

  • Earnings must exceed the amount of 100.00 USD (after fees). Earnings and payments are on a per domain and profile basis – earnings from multiple domains and profiles cannot be consolidated into one payment.
  • Your payment details must be complete. If you have more than one site, payment information must be completed by the designated payee for each site individually.

All requested payments are processed once every 45 days.

Payment Information

  1. Navigate to > User Settings > Payments
  2. Complete the following forms:
    1. Contact Information
    2. Method of Payment
    3. Tax form

You should get a confirmation email once your payment information is complete.

What Fees are charged?

Fees may vary depending on your country. Our payment service provider charges nominal fees depending on your form of payment, the fees are generally as follows:

  • PayPal - $1 (+ normal PayPal fees according to your individual settings)
  • ACH / Direct Deposit - US - $1
  • eCheck / Local Bank Transfer / Global ACH - $5
  • Wire Transfer - International - $25
  • Wire Transfer - US - $15
  • Check - $6

You are responsible for any bank charges assessed by your bank.

International Payments

Note: International checks may take up to 3 weeks to reach their destination.

Note: We may modify the information on this page at any time without notice.

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