Customize the Headline of your Share Buttons

The headline text that appears above the Share Buttons is fully customizable - both the text and the appearance of the headline can be easily changed to fit your site's layout and theme!

To Customize the Headline:

1). Login to and select your site from the My Sites dropdown menu at the top of the page.

2). From the Apps page, scroll down to the Share Buttons box in the 'Social Settings' section and find the entry for the Share Buttons you wish to edit. Then, click on the settings button to access its settings.


3). In the Layout tab of the Share Button Settings window, you'll find the Headline section:




4). You can choose from one of our default headlines in the first dropdown menu.


If you wish to have no headline at all, you can also choose No Heading from the list of options (this will also disable any custom headlines you've created):


5). To enter your own text, simply type it in the Headline Text field:



6.) To change the font face, choose from our list of options by clicking on the dropdown:


You can also change the font size, color, weight and italics as well in the "Formatting" fields.


6.) Even the arrow pointing to the Share Buttons is customizable! You can choose a style from our list of options, or select No Arrow from the Arrow Style dropdown.



7.) When you're done customizing your headlines, be sure to click Save Changes in the bottom-left of the window!

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