Customize Share: Titles, Links & Images


Once you have installed our Share Buttons (by installing the WordPress plugin or pasting the share button code into your site template), you can customize the content that is shared when people (Title, Link, Image & Summary) by defining "data attributes" within the button code. To do this, add the following within the div tag embedded in the Share Button code you added to your page:


data-title='This is my Page Title'



data-image *



data-summary='You can place your own description of the page here.'



<div class='shareaholic-canvas' data-app='share_buttons' data-app-id="xxxxx" data-title='Page Title' data-link='' 
data-image='' data-summary='Description of the page you are sharing'></div>

For Tumblr:

For Tumblr, you can use data-title and data-link along with the dynamic variable keys.

<div class='shareaholic-canvas' data-app='share_buttons' data-app-id="xxxxx" data-title='{title}' data-link='{permalink}'></div>

Please, see Tumblr's documentation on theme variables for more information.


For WordPress: 

For WordPress, you can use data-link along with the function that retrieves the permalink path. 

<div class='shareaholic-canvas' data-app='share_buttons' data-app-id="xxxxx" data-link='<?php the_permalink(); ?>'></div>


For a more complete Shareaholic experience on the WordPress platform, we have a plugin available that does all of the work for you, but still provides full customization capability.


 * The data-image attribute is passed along when sharing with Facebook in our multi-share panel currently accessible through the Twitter share button.

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