Browser Tools: How to request a new service

Is there a service you would like us to include in our browser tools or share buttons app? Before submitting your request, verify that we do not already support this service by following these instructions:

  1. If you are not using our Chrome browser add-on or Share Buttons app for websites, take a moment to install our cross-browser bookmarklet.

  2. Use the search box in the bookmarklet to quickly check whether we currently support the service you wish to request.

  3. If the service you would like to request for inclusion in our products isn't listed in our cloud bookmarklet, contact us directly with the name of the service and their homepage URL.
  4. We'll review whether the service seems to be a good fit for our products, which includes checking for a public API that would allow us to integrate sharing functionality between our apps and this service.

  5. Once compatibility is determined, we'll add your request to our Public Suggestion Board where it can be tracked by you and other members of the community as we make service additions to our products in the future.

Note: The service list in our Firefox extension is a bit outdated. This browser tool does not stay synced with our current list of available services as the options in the extension require hardcoding.

We are currently working hard to renovate all of our products, and a revamp of the Firefox extension is planned. Until released, you have two options to access our current service list within Firefox:

  • You can choose to use our cloud-based bookmarklet to supplement or replace the Firefox extension for more sharing options.

  • This same bookmarklet can be accessed through a roundabout way in the Firefox extension by first selecting to share with Twitter and then clicking the View All Services link at the bottom of the share panel below the Post Now button.

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