Managing Team Roles and Permissions


There are three default roles: Owner, Admin, and Member. Each of these default roles has its own default Permissions settings, which can be changed or adjusted at any time.

This article will give a brief overview of the different Roles and Permissions settings, as well as how to change the permissions assigned to any given role.

Note: In order to access any team features, the site profile must have an active subscription that comes with Team features. Learn more about subscription plans.

About Team Permissions



  1. Apps: refers to your Apps dashboard, where settings for all Shareaholic apps, including Share Buttons, Related & Promoted Content, and Website Monetization Settings, are located.
  2. Reports: refers to all data included in the Analytics section, as well as the Content Library section.
  3. Team: refers to the Team Management Dashboard.
  4. Earnings: refers to the Earnings section, and all information located therein.
  5. Billing: refers to the Billing and Plans section

A member can be granted manage or view permissions for each of these categories.

Members with manage permissions can make changes to that section's settings, while members with view permissions can only see that section's settings, but not make any changes. Members with neither manage nor view permissions will not be able to access those sections of the site at all.

To change the view/manage permissions of any role, simply click on the checkboxes next to 'View' or 'Manage' under the Category in the role's row. 

Please note: it is not possible for a member to be granted 'manage' permission without also being granted 'view' permission (i.e. one needs to be able to view a setting to be able to manage it), so selecting/deselecting 'manage' will also automatically select/deselect 'view' for that category.