Removing Members from a Team


Your subscription plan may grant you access to Team roles and permissions functionality. This enables you to give access to additional users to a Site Profile, as well as giving you granular role-based control over permissions granted to each team member.

This article will cover how to remove existing members from a site profile's team.

Note: In order to access any team features, the site profile must have an active subscription that comes with Team features. Learn more about subscription plans.

  1. Login to your account and select a Site Profile.


  2. Select Settings from the lefthand Site Settings column.settings_location_pro_badge.png
  3. Click the Team tab to see your Team settings.


    This is your Team Management Dashboard. From here, you can invite members, create roles, and manage permissions.

  4. To remove a member, click on the red trashcan icon next to their member entry.team_member_delete.png

  5. A green banner will appear briefly at the top of the page confirming that this member has been removed. If the removed member still had a pending invitation and had not yet signed up for Shareaholic, they will receive an email notifying them that their invitation has been canceled.