YARPP + Google Analytics - UTM Parameters - Using Template Variables (Macros/Tokens)

YARPP automatically and seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide Related Content analytics within your Google Analytics dashboard. With this integration you will be able to measure the impact YARPP has on your website and business.

A template variable (also sometimes referred to as a "macro" or "token") is a variable that you can use to dynamically generate or return data wherever it is used. These are useful for adding optional detail and context to your UTM parameter values.

YARPP template variables are designated with "${ }". These can be used to automatically populate UTM parameter values dynamically based on the content and visitor characteristics or app context.

Available Template Variables:

Variable Type Description
${location.dmaCode} Visitor Location The numeric Nielsen designated market area code
${location.countryCode} Visitor Location The two-character country code
${location.countryName} Visitor Location The full name of the country
${location.region} Visitor Location The two-character code for the state, region, or province
${content.author} Content Context Content Author
${content.title} Content Context Content Title
${app.id}  Placement Context  
${app.idName}  Placement Context  

Geographical location information derived from the visitor's IP address. If any information is not available, the value will be blank.

You can also combine template variables. For example:


For a visitor from the state of New York in the USA, the above would auto-populate to:

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