What happened to my LinkedIn Share Counts?

As you may have heard (or experienced), LinkedIn Share Counts are no longer displaying on your share buttons. This is not a bug, nor are your share buttons broken. LinkedIn announced that they have discontinued their support for share counts across their application. This means that all share buttons on the market will no longer be able to retrieve or display LinkedIn share counts - including LinkedIn's own inShare button and plugin. 

This decision was driven by LinkedIn's desires to drive conversation and engagement on their platform, as they stated that "(t)he share count on its own doesn’t fully reflect the impact that a piece of content delivers." While we are disappointed to see LinkedIn discontinue their share counts, we do understand their decision and urge them to reconsider adding share counts back in the near future.

This change will not affect other share button services (Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

We are looking into alternatives and workarounds to bring the best possible solutions for you. And we will continue to keep you updated as we explore alternative options for surfacing these share counts.

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