Remove Dead Links, Deleted Content, Outdated Content from Related Content and Content Library


How to Rebuild Content Index

If you're seeing deleted or excluded pages showing up in the Related Content app or Content Library, or content with otherwise out-dated information, you may want to rebuild the content index. This means that we will 'rescrape' your site for updated information, rebuilding your Content Library (and content included in the Related Content app).

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Navigate to the Content Library page for your Site Profile.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Content Library page, where you will see a button that says "Rebuild Content Index." Click this button to rebuild the content index.


  • Reindex process can take a few hours to complete, so don't be alarmed if things don't immediately appear fixed. Content Index requests are processed in the order in which we receive them. Depending on the number of requests ahead of yours, there may be a wait, but once your page data has been refreshed in our system, your recommendations should be updated within a few minutes.
  • We recommend running this process "after-hours" if at all possible. If it's been over 24 hours and you're still seeing the same wrong/out-dated information, please contact us.

If you're having trouble with your thumbnail images showing up in the Content Library or the Related Content app, please make sure you have correctly set the image meta tags for these pages. There's some information on how to set the thumbnails here.

When You May Want to Rebuild the Index

  1. If you have deleted a page, redirected a page to a new URL, or changed the URL naming scheme on your site. Although Shareaholic is smart enough to pick up these changes automatically most of the time, there are times where this information is not picked up automatically.

  2. If you have changed the featured image for your content, or added an image when one wasn't previously included, or the recommendation for the page doesn't show a thumbnail when it should, by triggering a new crawl, the thumbnail will be updated with the specified image.

  3. If you have changed any meta tag, such as Shareaholic Meta Tags, Open Graph Tags or introduced meta tags that you would like to use when recommending the page in the Related Content app, your pages will need to be re-crawled. This includes updates to tags, categories, author, etc.

  4. If an image (or Media Library) attachment post is being recommended.

  5. If you have changed the title of your content, especially if this affects the permalink of the page or post, by refreshing your recommendations, we'll be able to appropriately handle any broken links.

  6. For WordPress and Drupal Users: If you have checked the 'Exclude from Related Content' option on the post or page edit screen, and you see that it is being recommended more than 1 hour later, a reindex should fix this problem.

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