What are In-Image Ads?

With the rise of Pinterest and YouTube, the web has become increasingly visual.  Beautiful images clearly resonate with consumers and captivate their attention. Using image recognition technology, Shareaholic delivers targeted ads as contextual overlays on top of related editorial pictures. The result is a relevant and pleasant user experience for your audience.

Because they appear in-line with content where a visitors attention is already focused, in-image advertising is known to drive higher viewability and a positive user experience.

For example, Adobe may choose to deliver an ad for Photoshop over an image of a Macbook Pro or Purina may choose to deliver an ad for pet food (or room freshener!) over photos of dogs or cats.

This ad format is ideal for image heavy sites, such as image sharing sites, fashion, nature, and other similar blogs or photography websites.


Credit: Images used have been sourced from IAB's In-image Advertising Primer

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