What are Outstream Video Ads?

Advertisers love video because it is a great way to tell their story in front of an engaged audience. Up until fairly recently, if you wanted to monetize through video ads, you had to do so before or during an actual video. That meant publishers without video content could not sell space for video ads, and advertisers were restricted to just running campaigns within video players on sites like YouTube. But now, with the new Outstream Video Ad format, publishers can now monetize video ads between paragraphs of text, like blog posts or editorial content for example. This is a game changer.

What are Outstream Video Ads?

Outstream video ads are very high-quality video ads served outside of a video player, between paragraphs of text, typically without sound. They are designed to be 100% viewable, magically deploying and playing when the unit is onscreen. The format is seamlessly integrated within desktop and mobile and is non-intrusive to the user experience. This ensures high CPM's and higher earnings for you. Outstream video ads tend to be very lucrative for publishers, as the format’s high viewability can command over $10 CPMs.

 The more formal definition:

An “outstream” video ad unit, also commonly referred to as “in-read” or “native video”, is a new high CPM video advertising unit that autoplays in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content (typically an article), even if the publisher doesn’t have their own video content. It’s called outstream because the video ad exists outside of online video content – also known as instream video content — where the ad plays either before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the publisher’s video content.

Many of the most prestigious publishers in the world have adopted the Outstream Video format: The Washington Post, Conde Nast, Time Inc., Tribune, Mashable, just to name a few.

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