Where can I find my Site Profile ID?

Every website entry within the Shareaholic system has a unique Site Profile ID.  The Site Profile ID is what connects the Shareaholic functionality on your website back to the settings you have configured in your Shareaholic account.  For example, if you change settings in your Shareaholic.com account for a different Site Profile ID than is currently installed on your website, the changes won't take effect!  The Site Profile ID must match in order for Shareaholic to work properly. A Shareaholic Site Profile ID is 32 characters long and is a mix of lower-cased letters and numbers, such as:

Example Site Profile ID:  bea178d9cda74cdd40ce7e40ef29415a

If you are using the Shareaholic for WordPress plugin, finding and managing your Site Profile ID is very simple! The Shareaholic for WordPress plugin automatically generates a Site Profile ID when you install the plugin, AND it inserts the Site Profile ID into the source code of your WordPress site. The Site Profile ID you find in your WordPress admin console will ALWAYS match the Site Profile ID if you manually view your website's source code and find it. If you are using the Shareaholic for Drupal or Shopify plugins, your Site Profile ID will similarly be installed for you automatically into your website's source code. If you are using a custom or other CMS, managing your Site Profile ID is a slightly more manual process, but it's still easy to find your site ID. Read below for more details.



Click the tab Shareaholic > Advanced Settings. At the bottom of the page, you will see an area called Your Shareaholic Site Profile ID.



There are several ways to see your Site Profile IDs on Shareaholic.com.  This assumes, however, that you have added a website to your Shareaholic.com account!

Note: If you are trying to link your WordPress site ID to your Shareaholic.com account, you should not try to do this by adding a site to your account from Shareaholic.com.  Instead, follow these instructions on how to link your account from within your WordPress settings.

First, you can hover over the "My Sites" menu at the top of Shareaholic.com to see a preview of your Site Profiles and their associated Site Profile IDs.  Up to 3 Site Profiles will be previewed when hovering the menu:

Alternatively you can click "View all Sites" from the screenshot above, which will bring you to the page https://shareaholic.com/sites/.  Here you will see a preview of ALL of your Site Profiles and the corresponding Site Profile IDs:

Lastly, if you click to view the details of any of these Site Profiles, you will be taken to the Apps page for that site. Click on the Settings link on the left-side menu to see your Site Details, including the Site Profile ID.




All websites and pages are different, but if you view your page's source code you can determine if Shareaholic is installed and what the Site Profile ID is.  If you want to know more about how to view your website's source code, see this article.

A web page's source code can be very messy. Below is an example of what just part of the source code can look like.  The good news is you don't need to pay attention to most of this code!

Once you have pulled up your page's source code, all you need to do is find where the Shareaholic "tag" is located. Use your browser's search function to find the phrase "shareaholic.js" within the source code. Directly next to this, you'll find the Shareaholic Site Profile ID!  Here is an example of what the Site Profile ID will look like in your source code, where the Site Profile ID is 41c1ab28d33da8a7c898b0b3cc991501 - 

If you can't find these attributes anywhere in your page's source code, it indicates that Shareaholic is not installed, which may be the underlying cause of other issues you have been trying to troubleshoot.

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