Promoted Content: Customize How Many Ads to Display (turn on/off Ads)


To adjust the mix of Promoted Content posts that appear with Related Content, use the slider found in the Monetization tabs of your Related Posts settings.

Important Note: Promoted Content Ads appear in the Related Content app, so you must have the Related Content App enabled in order for Promoted Content ads to appear.

How to Customize Promoted Content Settings

  1. Log in to your Shareaholic account.
  2. Select a Site Profile from the My Sites dropdown at the top of the page.
  3. Under the Monetization section, click on the Configure button located next to Promoted Content Ads.
  4. In the first section, you will see a slider, which indicates the mix of Promoted & Related Content that will be displayed in the Related Content app on your page.
  5. IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ!) - In addition, you can also set overrides for each Related Post In-Page app location. Override settings take precedence over the general "Promoted Content Ads" settings. So if you've set an override, you will need to edit each location going forward.

What does each level of the slider mean?

Position Post Mix Revenue
Position 1 (far left) No promoted posts shown $0 in revenue
Position 2 Fewer promoted posts than related posts Low revenue
Position 3 Balanced number of promoted and related posts Medium revenue
Position 4 More promoted posts than related posts High revenue
Position 5 (far right) Mostly promoted posts Maximum revenue

Related Content Banner Ads

These are the banner ads that appear below Related Content. You can turn them on/off and also specify up to how many banner ads to show:


Learn more about Related Content Banner Ads

From Your WordPress Admin

You can reach the above settings right from your WordPress Admin:

  1. Log-in your WordPress Site Admin
  2. Click on Shareaholic > Cloud Settings from the sidebar menu
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