How to add Follow Buttons in the Post-Share Window


When your readers love your content enough to share it, chances are they also want to follow you and see more in the future. That's why we created "Post-share follow buttons", so you can encourage readers to follow you after sharing your content. 

How Do Post-Share Follow Buttons Work?

Once someone has successfully shared a page or post from your site using one of the share buttons like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, they will see a "Thanks for sharing!" window appear, letting them know the post was successfully shared. With these new follow buttons, you now have the option to encourage readers to follow you on popular social networks as well. 

What will the Follow Buttons look like?

See for yourself! You can choose which social networks you want to display, and the great news is, activation is easy!

How to install Follow-Me buttons in the post-share window

If you already use Shareaholic tools, simply enable the post-share window, then add the social networks where you want people to follow you. Here's how:

Step One - Enable Post-Share Window

Note: The post-share window is automatically enabled when you add share buttons to your site. Most users can skip directly to Step Two below to set-up their social network profiles.

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click the settings icon at the top right to access your account settings (or click here).
  3. Click on Site Tools.
  4. Click setting Shareable Images next to your site name, which will take you to the Edit General Settings page.
  5. Select the Sharing tab, click the checkbox next to "Show Post-Sharing Dialog" then toggle the switch next to Follow Buttons to the right.
  6. Finally, hit Save Settings and voila, you now have the post-share dialog set-up and ready for Follow Buttons.

Step Two: Add Follow Buttons to your Post-Share window

Now that you've enabled the post-share window, you can add the social networks where you want readers to follow you. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Click the Settings icon  next to Follow Buttons
  2. Choose the position, layout, size and alignment of your follow buttons (a preview will show in the box below) and customize the Headline Text
  3. In the Accounts section, add your username for the social networks you want to add. The buttons will appear in the preview box as you add your username
  4. Click Save Settings and you're done! 


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