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Customizing Headline Style from the Admin Console (recommended)

The font style of the "You May Also Like" headline above Related Posts is 100% customizable right from the Admin Console. You can change the font (includes support for Google Fonts), color, size, alignment, weight, etc -


Customizing Headline Style using CSS

To customize using CSS, add the following to the <head> section of your website's template or to the CSS stylesheet:

.shareaholic-recommendations-container .shareaholic-recommendations-header {
font-size: 18px !important;
margin: 0 0 1em !important;
min-height: 14px !important;
color: #f02f2f !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

You can customize any of these values to your liking! You can also have some fun with Google Fonts by adding the following:

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
.shareaholic-recommendations-container .shareaholic-recommendations-header {
font-family: 'Old Standard TT', serif !important;

TIP: You pick any font from

Customizing Headline Text/Copy

You can also customize the headline text to say something other than "You May Also Like" -



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