How does Shareaholic decide what Ads to display in the Post-Share window?

Shareaholic works with advertising partners who are interested in targeting ads to users who have expressed interest in content related to their offerings. Unlike the low quality "banner ads" that you see across the web, these ads are designed to tailor the offer to what you are interested in. This means that when visitors share your content they will see relevant, highly targeted ads, that will generate revenue for you.

For example, if you have ever visited a website like or Zappos, viewed a product, and then left, you may have noticed an ad appear on a new site that is offering you a highly targeted deal on the item you just viewed. This type of advertising is called "Retargeting" and is designed to tailor the specific offer to what you are interested in.

While no targeting is perfect (after all it is a blend of science AND art), we have seen great results so far.

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