Where is the Facebook Like button?

With the release of Shareaholic for WordPress version 7, our plugin was completely rewritten from scratch. We decided to design new button sets to offer additional styling options and wanted to clean up the look of our apps along with the code for better compatibility across all popular themes and alongside other WordPress plugins.

In our older WordPress plugin, there were issues with a couple of our vendor buttons--the additional buttons provided alongside SexyBookmarks--that caused conflicts we were unable to address as the code for these buttons were not written by us. Because of such problems and wanting to keep a clean look using our new designer buttons, we have removed vendor buttons from the plugin. We haven't yet made a decision about whether we will be reintroducing these buttons at a later date, but if we do, compatibility will be a prominent issue that we'll first want to address.

Having control over the code and design allows us more freedom in keeping our plugin looking great and behaving perfectly on your site.

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