Why am I getting a 'Retry' message after installing the Wordpress plugin?


When visiting our plugin's settings panel, you may find yourself encountering an error the following error message:

There are a few reasons you could be seeing this prompt, but the steps below should help resolve the problem in most, if not all, situations.

Why the Retry message appears

Because your settings are stored to the cloud (on our servers), the plugin needs to connect with shareaholic.com to retrieve and save your settings, and even if you only just installed and haven't yet configured your settings, there are default settings applied upon activation to get you up and running quickly with Shareaholic. If the plugin cannot communicate with shareaholic.com, you will be unable to change your settings using the plugin interface until the cause of the server connectivity issue is identified and resolved.

How to troubleshoot the Retry message

  1. Press the Retry button. 

  2. Empty your browser's cache and reload the Available Apps screen.

  3. Open shareaholic.com in a new tab to see if you can successfully connect to our site.

  4. Visit the plugin's Advanced Settings page and check the Server Connectivity panel.

  5. If you see a red block with 'Unable to reach any Shareaholic server', click Re-check.

  6. If the message is still present, press the Reset Plugin button in the Reset panel of this page.


  7. If you continue to receive the Retry prompt on the Available Apps screen and our servers cannot be reached, but you have verified that your internet connection is strong, please read through this article*.

* You'll also find this article linked within the Server Connectivity panel of the Advanced Settings page.




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