Troubleshooting Share Counts


How can I edit my Share Count Settings?

You can easily enable/disable the share count display for a Share Buttons app in the Apps page for your site.

  • If you're using the Wordpress or Drupal plugin, click on Customize in the App Manager section of the plugin.
  • If you're using another CMS platform, log in to and select your site from the My Sites dropdown at the top of the page.
  • On the 'Apps' page on, select the Share Button location you'd like to edit and click Settings.


  • In the Share Buttons Settings pop up that appears, the settings for the Counter will appear under the Layout tab. You can choose from the given options to customize the appearance of the Share Counts , or opt to disable them entirely. A live preview of the Counter will be displayed in the right-hand 'Preview' window.


The COUNTER style options available for selection depend on your THEME and SIZE choices. All changes are immediately applied once your settings have been saved.*

* A note to WordPress users: After making changes to your settings, empty all caches in any caching plugins along with your browser's cache to see the changes reflected.


How do Share Counts work?

We do not calculate the number that appears as the share count for any page. The number is retrieved from the respective service and reflects the total shares to that service for the lifetime of that URL.

Our Share Buttons automatically detect which URL to share, but this can be modified by manually defining the data-link attribute. The URL shared through our buttons is the same URL that is used when retrieving share count data.

If you alter the URL of your published content in any way, the share count from the previous URL will not carry over to the new URL because different URLs are regarded as different pages.**

** An example of URL alteration: One of your blog posts is titled "10 Ways to Improve your Social Media Standing" and has the URL, but you change the post title to "12 Ways to Improve your Social Media Standing", which in turn changes the URL to Because the URL has been changed, the share count will start from zero as if this is an entirely new post. 

Which services show Share Counts?

At the moment, we support official share counts for Facebook, Pinterest and Yummly across all platforms. In addition, we also support Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK, Fancy, and Buffer share counts if you're using the Shareaholic for WordPress or Drupal plugin on your site.  The most up to date list of supported Share Count services is available here.


How can I verify the Share Count accuracy?

First, determine the exact URL being shared, which corresponds with the count shown. An easy way to identify the exact URL is by pressing the Email This share button; you can then copy the URL from the share dialog.


Use the resources below to directly review the data from these services. This is how we retrieve the share count.






URL: (our Share Buttons demo page)

Facebook: https publishers sharing .png 




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