Update from Sexybookmarks to the Shareaholic WordPress plugin


Have seen our new designer Share Buttons and wondered how to add them to your site? Follow these steps to transition to our new and improved Shareaholic plugin.

How to update the Sexybookmarks Plugin to Shareaholic 

  1. Open your WordPress admin panel.

  2. Click on Plugins in the sidebar and go to Update Available at the top of the page.

  3. One of the plugins listed will be Shareaholic. Under this, click Update Now.

  4. If you do not see this notification, remove your current version of Shareaholic.

  5. Then, locate Add New in the sidebar beneath Plugins.

  6. Perform a search for Shareaholic.

  7. The first option you will see is the newest version of our plugin (Version or higher).

  8. Under the name of this version, click Install Now.

  9. You have now installed our latest release. Have fun with our newly redesigned apps!

Note: Make sure to clear your browser's cache after installing and both your browser and plugin caches after configuring your settings. This will lessen the likelihood that you'll run into issues with our settings and eliminate app visibility problems caused by site caching.

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