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Determining a webpage's title is a 2-step process:

  1. Shareaholic first scans for the HTML Title Tag present on the webpage. For example:
    <title>7 Hard Truths for Marketing - My Blog</title>
  2. We then remove the site name and page description from the title to produce a clean, usable title. For example:
    7 Hard Truths for Marketing
    You can specify your site name in two ways:

    1. Include the Shareaholic Site Name meta tag in your template
      <meta name='shareaholic:site_name' content='My Blog' />
      Note: if you're using either the Shareaholic WordPress or Drupal plugin, this is set automatically. Also, Shareaholic Meta Tags are officially registered with and do not interfere with other tags that you may already use.
    2. In your site settings in your Shareaholic Dashboard under Settings -> Website

    If both methods are used to define the site name, the Shareaholic Site Name Meta Tag is given the preference.
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