Updates & Known Issues


 Known Issues

Updated 4/5/17

Finding the Verification Button

The location of the verification button has changed. We're working on updating all the routes, but for the interim, the Verification Button can be accessed by going to the 'Sitewide Settings' tab from your site's Site Tools dashboard, then choosing the Installation tab. You should see the Verification button at the bottom right.



Delete Site Button

The 'Delete Site' button has moved. You can now delete your site by following these updated instructions.



New Content Library

You may have noticed a new feature on your Site settings - the Content Library tab. If your site is verified, you'll be able to see all your site's pages and posts here - along with information about the image thumbnail, title, author, tags, and the date published. This is a great resource to see all of your content at glance. We have big plans for this feature, so keep an eye out for new developments over the coming weeks!


New Desktop Anchor Ads

This week, we launched our Desktop Anchor Ads campaign. Existing users who have had this feature enabled will now start to see these Desktop Banner Ads appearing on their site, and new users will have this feature enabled by default. To disable this feature, please follow these instructions.


New 'Sitewide Settings' Tab

On your Site Tools Dashboard, you may notice a new link on the lefthand side for 'Sitewide Settings.' Clicking on this will bring you to the basic settings for your website, as well as information about basic sharing settings, and the 'installation' tab, where you can verify your site or find instructions on how to start adding apps!


New Single Site View

Previously, clicking on one site in your Site Dashboard would bring you to a list of all your sites. In the updated version, you will only see information about one site a time. You can always access the full list of sites from the "My Sites" dropdown in the topmost navigation bar.


New 'Add Site' Flow

We've done some significant overhauling of our 'add a site' flow. Now, when you go to add a site, we'll be able to detect which CMS you're using (if any) and direct you to the appropriate installation instructions. After installing, we've also added some links for quick and easy verification, adding buttons, and configuring monetization and advertising features! Instructions for this new flow can be found in our Getting Started article. 



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