How do I update my Recommendations data?

Refreshing your recommendations data triggers a new crawl of your site's pages and ensures that our database has the most current updates to your content. 

When should I refresh my recommendations data?

There are specific instances when you should refresh your recommendations data. If you are Wordpress user, see below for Wordpress-specific reasons to refresh. 

  • If you have deleted a page, redirected a page to a new URL, or changed the URL naming structure on your site, our data may not update with this information automatically.

  • If you have changed the featured image for your content, or added an image when one wasn't previously included, or the recommendation for the page doesn't show a thumbnail when it should, by triggering a new crawl, the thumbnail will be updated with the specified image.

  • If you have changed your Open Graph Tags or introduced Open Graph Tags that you would like to use when recommending the page in the Related Content app, your pages will need to be re-crawled.

  • If you add Shareaholic Meta Tags to manually pass information into the Related Content app, please refresh so that we can make sure these tag values are stored and reflected in your recommendations.

When should I refresh my recommendations data (Wordpress)?

  • If an image (or Media Library) attachment post is being recommended, this page may not have been crawled since we added a parameter to automatically filter this content from recommendations. Refreshing the page data will ensure that this parameter is detected so that these post types will not be recommended.

  • If you have changed the title of your content, especially if this affects the permalink of the page or post, by refreshing your recommendations, we'll be able to appropriately handle any broken links.

  • If you have ticked the 'Exclude from Related Content' option on the post or page edit screen, and you see that it is being recommended more than 24 hours later, a new crawl of that page should fix this problem.

  • If you have upgraded from Shareaholic v6 to Shareaholic v7 or reset the plugin in Shareaholic v7 on the Advanced Settings screen, you will need to make sure your page data is re-crawled so that it can be associated with your new settings key, otherwise you will not see recommendations.

How do I refresh my recommendations?

Shareaholic Settings

  • Log in to your Shareaholic account
  • Go to the Publisher Tools section of your account
  • Click on Settings 
  • Select the Related Content tab
  • You will see a Refresh button immediately following the Pages to Exclude from Recommendations input box.

Wordpress Plugin

  • Go to the App Manager section of the Shareaholic plugin
  • In the Related Content field, click on Edit Related Content Settings
  • You will see a Refresh button immediately following the Pages to Exclude from Recommendations input box.

Above the Refresh button, there will be information about the last time your site was crawled. You can only refresh your recommendations once in a 24 hour period. After pressing the button, your website address will be added to our processing queue and any indexed pages will be re-crawled to refresh the page data that is used to generate your recommendations.

Note: Pages are crawled in the order in which they are entered into the processing queue. Depending on the number of pages ahead of your pages in the queue, there may be a wait, but once your page data has been refreshed in our system, your recommendations should be updated within one hour.

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