How does Shareaholic decide which page title to use to represent a webpage?

Shareaholic algorithms automatically evaluate and pick which title to use for a page.

If you would like, you can also tell Shareaholic directly by specifying an unique title representing the content of your page for Shareaholic to use. You can do this by including any one of the following tags before the end of the </head> tag --

Shareaholic Title Tag

* <meta name="shareaholic:title" content="My Awesome Page Title" />

Open Graph Title Tag

* <meta name="og:title" content="My Awesome Page Title" />

Twitter Card Title Tag

* <meta name="twitter:title" content="My Awesome Page Title" />

HTML Title Tag

* <title>My Awesome Page Title</title>

Note: If you have all 3 tags specified, Shareaholic will give preference to the services in the order as listed above, i.e., Shareaholic Tag, Twitter Card, and then Open Graph.

After this, we try to ensure that the name of your site doesn’t appear in the page title. If your site doesn’t have `og:title` tags for your posts OR uses an SEO plugin that modifies your title tags, you might notice differences popping up. We recommend using Facebook OpenGraph or Shareaholic title tags for your pages that you want included in Related Content.

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