Editing Settings for Specific Posts and Pages

Shareaholic for WordPress lets you disable certain plugin preferences on individual pages or posts:

  • Hide Share Buttons
  • Hide Related Content
  • Exclude from Related Content
  • Do not include Open Graph tags

You can access these options from your New/Edit Post or New/Edit Page screen in the WordPress Admin Panel.


  1. Enter the Edit Page / Post screen.
    Posts / Pages > All (or Add New) > select an entry to edit > Edit

  2. On the right, at the bottom of the various option settings, locate the Shareaholic section.

  3. There are 4 options:

    1.  Hide Share Buttons
    2.  Hide Related Content
    3.  Exclude from Related Content
    4.  Do not include Open Graph tags

  4. Select any options you wish to apply.

  5. Scroll back up to the Publish section and press the Update / Publish button when done.

  6. Your settings will now be updated according to your options.

  7. Remember to empty any caching plugins and your browser's cache if you do not see these changes take affect immediately.

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