The Twitter & Facebook Multishare panel

You've been asking for this for a long time, and we've heard your pleas! One of the many new features included in our upgrade allows you and your readers the option to share with both Facebook and Twitter at the very same time!

We know many power-sharers are hooked-in to both Facebook and Twitter and would benefit from a multi-share function. By using OAuth, when Shareaholic has been given access to communicate with these services, you unlock the new share panel's full potential!


Getting connected is quite easy:

  1. First, if you are a publisher, you can go ahead and set this up ahead of time through the Connected Services screen of your Shareaholic account settings.

  2. Now, another way to go about this is by just clicking the Facebook/Twitter button that loads in your Shareaholic plugin share-bar. You will then be presented with two options:

    a. two buttons that will allow you to connect either your Facebook or Twitter account.

    b. the new share panel with the post information, while you are either signed in with Shareaholic or one of the connected accounts, if you've already authorized the Shareaholic app to communicate with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. The account auto-detection makes sharing that much quicker for subsequent shares! :)


Once you've synced Shareaholic with your social media accounts: 

  • In the share panel view, select the avatars that correspond to the accounts with which you wish to share OR add a new connected account by pressing the plus [+] button. Have four connected accounts? Share to all of them at once by highlighting each avatar before pressing the "Post Now" button! :)

  • Once your social media accounts are synced with our app, you can sign into your Shareaholic account at anytime using the Twitter or Facebook connection buttons on our site's login page as long as you are signed into your connected Twitter/Facebook account at the time (or using our Chrome browser extension, which also syncs with your Shareaholic account).

  • Manage your connected services at any time on the Connected Services account settings page.


Note: When sharing with Facebook, we currently only offer the option for sharing to your personal Timeline (more options to come!), and your post will take the privacy settings applied to your most recent post on Facebook. For example, if you post publicly, after pressing "Post Now", the share will be public on your Timeline; if you only post to Friends, the post will only be visible to your Friends. 

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