Beginning the Troubleshooting Process

Continue through these steps one-by-one, testing for the error during the process, until the problem has been resolved:



If you have already configured your apps, re-check your settings to make sure they have been saved correctly. After this is verified, clear your browser cache and reload/refresh the problematic page in your web browser.



Open your browser settings and verify that you have JavaScript enabled as well as Third-Party Cookie acceptance, and temporarily disable your Pop-up Blocker if you are having trouble with button responsiveness.



Disable all browser extensions/add-ons and restart your browser. It is recommended to go one step further and restart your computer to make sure a background process isn't causing the issue.



Check if the problem is present in a different web browser (e.g., if using Firefox, test in Chrome). Please, make a note of this if you find that the issue is only affecting certain browsers.



Could a firewall or other system security settings be causing the problem? If unsure, check for the issue from another computer to verify that it isn't being caused by certain system settings.



If the problem concerns the rendering, visibility, or functionality of your Share Buttons, test for the error on our site and compare the results. This will determine if the issue is site-specific.



If none of the above steps correct the problem:

Is the issue only impacting your ability to share with Twitter?

Does this concern URL shortening when sharing to Twitter?

Does this relate to the content that appears when sharing to Facebook?



If your answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', contact us with your Shareaholic username, a description of the problem, and provide a few links where the issue can be observed.


If you have answered 'No' to these questions, and your site is not a WordPress site, contact us and include the details requested above, along with a summary of your results from the troubleshooting process, your web browser and operating system information, and a screenshot of the problem if you feel this will be helpful to us.


If have have answered 'No' to these questions, and you are running a WordPress site, please continue to the plugin troubleshooting guide.

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